why you need to start traveling right now

Here’s why !

Your life will flash before your eye and i mean like super fast so go get yourself out there grab what you want with both hands be brave it will make you feel alive.

all so !

MONEY will not make you happy  traveling will why! because money is just money you can’t take anything away from it.

It’s just money it comes and goes but one thing I do no is you can never buy back the time you have wasted think about that for a second !

Here’s an example what looks amazing this ?


Or this ?


It’s not about the materialistic things in life

it’s about the life experiences what make you feel alive

chasing highs!

What make’s me high !

So why am I here well that’s a good question

Last year April 2016 I took myself out of my comfort zone and went on a backpacking adventure for one whole month all around Asia and yes i did have a full time job and yes i came back with zero holidays for the rest of 2016. And dam it was hard work.

But what I gained from that one adventure as changed my whole life and come to realise LIFE IS TOO SHORT !

So what you will see here on my blog is me CHASING HIGHS and hopefully inspire others to just get out there and live your life to the fullest.




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