how to travel Switzerland,Grindelwald on a budget

Switzerland on a budget ! in advance

book in advance your accommodation we paid £ 450  for 5 nights and we had a self cooking kitchen which saved us so much money its untrue eating out in switzerland is the most expensive place i can think of im talking kids chicken nuggets and chips is £ 22 a steak sets you back about 45 swiss franc about £ 40  i think. so staying in a hostel that has a self cooking kitchen is a great money saver (Grindelwald downtown lodge) is where we stayed

2.use supermarkets it’s not that expensive for your everyday needs its slightly more exspensive but nowhere near like eating or drinking out prices.

3.take a decent camera the place is unbelievably beutifull

I used the go pro hero 5 to take all of my photos

4.Can you deal with heights? bear in mind all these high peaks you have to get up there some how which is done by taking cog wheels up high in the sky but the views are well worth being brave for!

5.go to the first! get the adventure pass its 81 swiss franc which gets you a cog-wheel to the top where you will find a few trail walks then you make your way down starting with the zip line then the mountain karts then trotty bike it was awesome!IMG_20170811_174112_248LRM_EXPORT_20170805_225102

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